General Assembly

2015 IUPESM General Assembly Election Resilts

Announcing the results of the election held during the General Assembly in Toronto, Canada:

Administrative Council 2015 – 2018

  • Prof. Kin Yin CHEUNG, President
  • Prof. Ratko MAGJAREVIC, Vice President
  • Prof. Herbert VOIGT, Past President
  • Assoc. Prof. Howell ROUND, Secretary General
  • Prof Marc NYSSEN, Treasurer


  • Prof. Slavik TABAKOV
  • Prof. Madan REHANI
  • Dr. Virginia TSAPAKI
  • Prof. James GOH
  • Prof. Shankar KRISHNAN
  • Prof. Kang Ping LIN
  • Prof. Monique FRIZE
  • Assoc. Prof. Eva BEZAK
  • Assoc. Prof. Magdalena STOEVA
  • Prof. Akos JOBBAGY


The General Assembly, to which the IUPESM Council is responsible, consists of the representatives of the Constituent Organizations, the National Members, and representatives of the affiliates.

The General Assembly is the highest authority of IUPESM and shall determine its general policy.

The functions of the General Assembly shall be:
(a) to provide guidance for the administration of the IUPESM;
(b) to review, accept or reject recommendations of the Council;
(c) to elect Officers and Ordinary Members of IUPESM Council;
(d) to amend the Statutes and Bylaw of the IUPESM;
(e) to approve the audited accounts of the IUPESM;
(f) to ratify the creation or dissolution of Standing Committees, Special Committees, Commissions and other appropriate bodies recommended by the IUPESM Council;
(g) to approve applications for membership;
(h) to expel any member or associate of IUPESM which has failed to fulfil its obligation;
(i) to deal with any other item that may be referred to it.

Sessions of the General Assembly and voting procedures used by the delegates shall be as designated in the Bylaws. 

Minutes of Triennial General Assembly Meetings

Health & Technology Journal

Health and Technology is jointly published by Springer and the IUPESM in cooperation with the World Health Organization.
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International Council for Science

IUPESM is affiliated to the International Council for Science (ICSU).
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Dr Dov Jaron is IUPESM's representative at the ICSU.

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